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1. Love And War by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Love And War

[Anthony Hamilton] Got my back against the wall now Problems that I didnt see We got caught up in a tangle Then u tried to swing on me How could I justify, mistreating the love of my life I aint to proud to beg for better baby Thats what I deserve I t...

2. Mama Knew Love by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Mama Knew Love

[JD] Ladies & Gentlement We got Anthony Hamilton in the house tonight he just came from off tour..he got a little Somthing he wanna say [verse 1] I know you love me I can tell by the that you kiss me tight when you hug me Took me to school the very fi...

3. Last Night by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Last Night

[Anthony Hamilton] Last night I fell in love Alright, alright, yea ummmm yea, It takes control of me when I see love in your eyes Your like a spring time breezeU send chills through me A natural high It's just the way you've been my best friend right ...

4. Why by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown

tead of poppin Crist' Why them bullets have to hit that door Why did Kobe have to hit that raw Why he kiss that whore Why [Chorus: Anthony Hamilton] All that I been givin' Is this thing that I've been living They got me in the system Why they gotta d...

5. Freedom by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown

Ooh Ooh Felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders… Pressure to break or retreat at every turn; Facing the fear that the truth I discovered; No telling how all this will work out; But I've come too far to go back now. ~I am looking for fre...

6. Her Heart by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Her Heart

I had a habit of messing up Staying out late and getting drunk I let you down a thousand times Broken promises It's like I ran away from you My career was my excuse Until I saw you about to drown in your own tears And as you cried in my arms You woke...

7. Pray For Me by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Pray For Me

I was stupid, really stupid. Something told me deep inside better not do it. What a dummy, such a dummy To let some mess I shouldn't did take you from me. Girl if I could take it back It'd be so back. I'd be such an angel, You'd think that me and Jes...

8. Do You Feel Me by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Do You Feel Me

Wish I could see through See deep into you And know what you're thinking now And if I'm what you're needin' I need some kind of sign Let me know cause I can't read your mind Are you in? Or am I in this on my own? I need some clue from you Let me know...

9. The Best Of Me by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
The Best Of Me

It's simple, I love it, having you near me, having you here Our conversations, outrageous, You smile, and I smile then I say Oooh, this getting personal, personal, personal Let's stay for a while and play Girl let's make this a moment (ooohhhhh!) Giv...

10. Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens

[Ad libs] [Verse 1] I knew just what I had to be When I heard you say what you said to me To every dude in sight Look like you working up an appetite for the night, check it By then I just sat at the back Peeping you out, the way you act Getting out ...

11. Since I Seen't You by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Since I Seen't You

[Verse 1] You're 'bout the flyest thang that life could ever bring Like fresh air to me the blood I bleed sent to me And I want, wanna build with you [Chorus] Since I seen't you, we've been peoples, your're my equal This love is see through I want to...

12. Charlene by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown

[Verse 1] Woke up this morning found a letter that she wrote She said she's tired that I'm always on the road To hard to swallow being alone She needs someone at night that she can hold She must have told me a thousand times before Silent cries I use...

13. I'm A Mess by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
I'm A Mess

Can't believe Oh Oh no no no no whoaaa... [Verse 1] I'm so torn up now can't believe I lost you Lost my best friend my soul mate can't believe it's true We've invested in a set of twins a small house and the dog cried out Knew I was suffering he was ...

14. Comin' From Where I'm From by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Comin' From Where I'm From

[Verse 1] Sittin here guess I didn't make bail Got time and a story to tell Started when I was nine years old Woke up my daddy was gone I started hustlin they couldn't tell me nothin Frontin in the hood tryin to be somebody My soul was on empty I was...

15. Better Days by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Better Days

[Verse 1] There was times I didn't want to bother you You were at work all night I didn't want to complain And I realize the compromise that love ones make I'm holding on for the future some more better days With you [Chorus] Be without you Oh wouldn...

16. Lucille by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown

[Verse 1] My old lady's on the other side of town with her ex boyfriend Drinking again, drinking again. So you choose to lose someone who loves you and a real good friend For a bottle of gin, a bottle of sin [Chorus] You picked a fine time to leave m...

17. Float by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown

[Verse I] Could it be your nice silky tone Ohh..that makes me want you girl Distant nights spent love on the phone As I touch myself How I want you more The mood evokes Incense smoke and I'm burning up in temperature Ready to explode Come take a toke...

18. My First Love by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
My First Love

[Verse 1] Now we've been through too much together And that's separate us from the rest Now we are approaching up on stormy weather Let's see what our love is made of I hate you were crying last night Said I should've been by your side Girl, please, ...

19. Chyna Black by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
Chyna Black

[Verse I] Chyna Black is like an open road Takes me places releases my soul Ain't it funny how life goes Takes a turn through a journey unknown No hesitation no tug no pulls Aint no need of fighting for what's yours A little smile releases old smoke ...

20. I Tried by anthony hamilton

  • Published: Unknown
I Tried

[Chorus] Tried for so long For you to hold on But you won't be long To anyone Any thang, any love At all [Verse I] I thought we had it all Until things started to receed Giving me no love at all Not caring enough about my needs Gave you my heart and ...