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1. Clown Wit It by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Clown Wit It

wid it Pimpin mob wit it Clown wit it, Clown wid it Player boss wit it Clown wit it, Clown wid it Give a fuck wit it Clown wit it, Clown wid it I mean sic wid it Clown wit it, Clown wid it Pimpin mob wit it Clown wit it, Clown wid it Player boss wit it Clown wit it, Clown wid it Give a fuck w...

2. Tears Of A Clown by andre nickatina

  • Published: Unknown
Tears Of A Clown

ket cuz you just might drown have you ever seen the tears of a clown get down bring yo life jacket cuz you just might drown have you ever seen the tears of a clown Rapid fire from the empire wit no desire walking on a tightwire born again liar you mi...

3. Roll With It by three 6 mafia

  • Published: Unknown
Roll With It

cka-rock 'em yeah! [Chorus - Project Pat x2] If you boys got beef we can (roll wit it) In the club or the street we can (go wit it) It don't make me none (blow for blow wit it} Crack his head wit a gun (I'ma sho split it) [DJ Paul] We got them tones ...

4. Problem Wit Dat by slim thug

  • Published: Unknown
Problem Wit Dat

oes, cause real niggaz got it made I'm a H-Town nigga, stay down nigga You small time, I'm a heavyweight pound nigga Don't hate clown nigga, I got cake now nigga While you sleep, them Hoggs still awake clown nigga On great pine niggaz, working late c...

5. Curious (What Up Wit Ya Girl) by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
Curious (What Up Wit Ya Girl)

e a blessin [Chorus 2X: Tech N9ne] What up wit ya girl? I want to enjoy Would you tell your girl, to get up wit ya boy And I'm diggin on you, but I'm still curious You're lookin at me like I'm playin but I'm dead serious [Irv Da Phenom] Now babe - I'm hopin you don't take this w...

6. Speak On It by dj quik

  • Published: Unknown
Speak On It

eal player dress like Goldie, y'all niggas throw in a oldie SHIT! Niggas wanna clown, clown, clown You can find me at down, down, down Dot com, bring ya mom (uh huh) She wanna see too, cartier see through Poppa in the beat Oh shit, it's a thrill Tonight a couple of mill When we party ...

7. Can I Eat It? by dj quik

  • Published: Unknown
Can I Eat It?

[DJ Quik (Voice Box)] A ha ha you don't understand me goddammit (I don't wanna eat it) A ha ha ha nah baby I aint wit' it (don't wanna eat it) I can't do nothing for you on that tip girl (I don't wanna eat it) So you can keep that salmon sandwhich to ...

8. Call It What You Want by wc

  • Published: Unknown
Call It What You Want

ed wit Now I want ya'll to listen real close Shit's a trip Peep game Used to have a bitch that was true to life to me Damn near a wife to me The bitch was just right for me Stood by my side Used to help me wit my hustle Down to pack straps and a cap if we had a tustle I used to trust her ...

9. Ass Clown by ministry

  • Published: Unknown
Ass Clown

o the lions Then I can go home I wanna see it go up in flames Ass Clown You're going down I want to blow up the circus Bring down the circus of lies The ultimate goal and purpose Is no Ass Clown survives I want to line up the congressmen And strap th...

10. Keep It Real by do or die

  • Published: Unknown
Keep It Real

'm original and not a clown baby Get down for wars an' I'm, livin my life under the gun And umm, stay calm no harm, I'm alarmin 'em And that's the victom of the shorties in my grill Askin me to keep it real, but shorty I don't pay no bills Do I gots ...

11. I Don't Like The Look Of It by lil wayne

  • Published: Unknown
I Don't Like The Look Of It

And when it come to beef give me A1 Sauce I ain’t worryin bout sh-t, Everything paid out You could catch me courtside in Dwayne Wade’s house Wit a high yellow thick b-tch wit her legs out Cash Money president but we in a red house Who the f-ck want i...

12. Sex Wit You by heavy d

  • Published: Unknown
Sex Wit You

[Chorus] It ain't all about sex wit you (hey-ey) Cause all I wanna do is get next to you (hey-ey) I love the way you swing and the things you do (hey-ey) So what I gotta do, to get next to you? (hey hey) [Heavy D] Yo here's the scoop, I think of you, ...

13. You Ain't Gotta Lie To Kick It by silkk the shocker

  • Published: Unknown
You Ain't Gotta Lie To Kick It

but you told my tank dawg nigga that you was straight on the drownin, bout to be down ass nigga, I mean clown ass nigga, wanna hang wit down ass niggas wit big nuts, an big triggas, figga, how many rappers, frontin in this hip-hop game, straight up by sections p...

14. White Trash Wit Tat-2's by twiztid

  • Published: Unknown
White Trash Wit Tat-2's

hat the fuck we do [Jamie Madrox] Hostile Slapping a chicken head and our styles evadable no matter what you said Are you stupid? You need to clean your earholes Smash on a clown no matter how many zeros These superheros don't ride brooms Smoke mary ...

15. Fuckin Wit My Bizzness by lil rob

  • Published: Unknown
Fuckin Wit My Bizzness

but I really didn't care We came really tight, and I had you around To the fuckin' day, I was missin' a pound Fucking bitch thought I was a clown Then turn around, pop goes the strap, and your body was found [Chorus:] See I lost one, and you found o...

16. Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga by dj quik

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga

u running for bitch? You fake Irish faggot You got a big booty Everlast let me tag it Cause you look like a Roman but you try to clown I kicked you in your ass that's why you jump around So don't try to fuck with a Compton nigga And I'mma tell you wh...

17. Get It On The Floor by dmx

  • Published: Unknown
Get It On The Floor

use I'm like knee deep in it And you motherfuckers wonder why I start shit Cause when you look in my face you see that hard shit Cause I done been to hell and back I ain't wit selling crack I'd rather rob a nigga leave him wit a shell up in his back ...

18. It's What You Thinkin' by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
It's What You Thinkin'

to you and wont blink when it come to Tecca Ninna bein wit your lady dont think [Chorus X2:] If your girls at a Tech show (it's what you thinkin) feel like she let go (it's what you thinkin) you never get no [x3] (it's what you thinkin) [Talking:] h...

19. It's Triv by twisted insane

  • Published: Unknown
It's Triv

gas I don't give a fuck where da nigga From you run up talkin dumb and I'll drown these niggas Got some lil homies that'll clown you niggas Run up in the vacant block I ain't a bitch Hit a mother fucker with a missile at a nigga pistol if a nigga rea...

20. Pull It Up by buju banton

  • Published: Unknown
Pull It Up

e Buju Banton, Beres Hammond a fi tell dem go deh Everyone a do di dance weh dem love In dis yah dancehall no form a grude Greet everyone dat enter wit a hug Come spread out and listen to some sweet rubba-dub [Chorus:] Pull up da vibes that you're pl...