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1. Pryde Day by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Pryde Day

I wake up super early in the AM, So exhausted Yawnin' only one hour of sleep now it's the morning Big ambition to make it Cause we're striving to slaughter Missin' mama cause she's on the other side of the border Plus I'm an internet celebrity In spi...

2. Wings Up by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Wings Up

for all them haters That they tryin' to get right next to me I'm rocking mics respectively I wreck this beat, Prizzy bye [Outro:] Pryde, Pryde, D Pryde, Pryde, D Pryde, Pryde, D Pryde, Pryde Wings up Wings up Put your wings up Everybody in the God d...

3. Ridin' Thru LA by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Ridin' Thru LA

n like it's TO In the good town of that weed smoke, with A. Rigo, that's my tito Back on that Ill Ish, ballin' on them groupies Man, we used to dream about it 'cause we saw it on the movies They say "Pryde, welcome to Hollywood", get it baby, live it...

4. Mobbin' by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown

[Intro: DJ Pauly D] Yo, Prizzy, it's Pauly D, you ready to mob out tonight? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah budddy! [Hook: D-Pryde] We feeling like money We feeling like the ish She hanging with the team They be feeling the click now We be steady mobbin' We ain't in ...

5. Boston George by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Boston George

uts on the diamonds, it's kinda real, son Sipping D'usse with your boo thang These hoes ain't loyal, got me a new flame I knock it out like Pacquiao She my newest edition, pimpin', no Bobby Brown Pryde hit me on the iMessage I told him, "Hit me back ...

6. Take Off by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Take Off

p, I be needing some love Working till I'm certain till that the sun's about to come up I beat that right, I be that nice You will see that I'm, Fucking D dash Pryde [Hook: x2] You go home, I go hard You're down low, I am starred Baby I'm bout to tak...

7. In My Mind (Interlude) by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
In My Mind (Interlude)

[DJ Suss One:] Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Welcome to the show Come on in We got a lotta surprises for you I'm your ringleader Mr. Suss One The man with the deadliest verses Mr. D-Pryde And the show is called: [D-Pryde:] Welcome to the circus...

8. Fancy by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown

[Intro:] Lala Yeah! Lala La La La This ain't a mustard beat ho, but its okay [Verse: D-Pryde] Skate highs, rag up on my waist lines Steez is too murderous, I swear my swagger take lives If I was a pussy, homie I would have like 8 lives, cause you rap...

9. Love Don't Stop by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Love Don't Stop

[Chorus:] Time passes by, For more then a lifetime, I wanna be yours girl, I would give up my life, To spend just one night with you, Couse my love don't stop I can't lie, You bring out the best in me, I gotta be yours girl, I would give up my life, ...

10. No Sleep by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
No Sleep

[Verse 1: D-Pryde] Seconds to minutes, I'm blowing up on you cowards You say you grind everything But I double the hour Cause I be killer words so deep: dedicated While I work you sleep The rule is: more slumber, no music The tanks on E I ain't runni...

11. Outro Flow by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Outro Flow

It's weird I got fans and a new career It makes me ask the big homie what I'm doing here Thank god for this heavenly vacation For the dream life I want, man I'm even buying souveneirs Man I used to be a loser here, bullies and haters were the stupid ...

12. Mr by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown

I tried hard from the beginnin, Rap was my passion, My gift was all packed in, Started with rappin, I knew I would be hated, Couse I didn't have black skin, But got a little buzz, Now I'm a gathered attraction Yes, I try hard, Yes the struggle gets m...

13. Start It Up by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Start It Up

Whatcha goin do it's Mars Music n' D-Pryde Hahaha YEAH Start it up baby Baby J I got em' You know they mad cause I'm cause I'm from the burbs trick They never ever seen a nation kill these verses You want a problem Start it up (vroom vroom) Start it ...

14. Blink Of An Eye by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Blink Of An Eye

First I started off small, now I've gone big Now I'm big doing, I was just a small thing Cause everything was grounded, now everything's fly Cause everything just changed in the blink of an eye It was all a dream Biggie quote Now I'm making things al...

15. Hometown Hero by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Hometown Hero

Wherever I'm going they know I'm putting it down I'm up in the town they know I'm coming around For the town, for the city, for the country We just hunting for the money, tell 'em all that I'm coming around (Hometown I get around) Around (Double crow...

16. Forever (Youtube Remix) by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Forever (Youtube Remix)

[Chorus: Ahmir] It may not mean nothing to y'all. (To y'all) But understand nothing was done for me, So I don't plan on stopping at all. I want this shit forever man. Sellin' this shit down at the mall, They tell me down there, Because they tell me s...

17. Just Like Me by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Just Like Me

u Just like me Just like you I mean this is the type of song you have to express Yourself On yanoe what I'm saying? Damn baby. I met a good looking women. Who wouldn't want to make a song about you? D pryde. I don't have to try baby I just know your ...

18. Keep Ya Head Up by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Keep Ya Head Up

[Chorus: x2] You out gettin' money, (money) You out gettin' paper, (paper) It's all good, Just ignore all the plenty haters (haters) Don't fess up (no) Just get up (yeah) Brush your shoulders off, Lil' homie keep ya head up [D-Pryde:] I had my share ...

19. Moment 4 Life by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Moment 4 Life

This is for radio station that hated my songs They say "yo Russell never try, you're´╗┐ a try hard" This is for you guys, knockin' my loose pride Open your eyes, but you can't cause they're too wide You just a poor asian, you'll never make cake You a s...

20. Somebody Loves You by d pryde

  • Published: Unknown
Somebody Loves You

[Chorus:] Somebody loves you baby, Oh Oh oh Oh! Somebody loves you baby, oOoOoOoh! [x2] [D-Pryde:] You changed my life, From the first time I met ya, From being just a average little punk, To something better. Now together, we forever stare But now y...