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1. Phonecall by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

Phone broke the silence of the night I'd been sleeping And a voice said, "how you doing dan Thought I'd call you for no reason." And my mind flashed back two years Since the last time I'd see her When the love we'd shared had died And she said, "thing...

2. Ex Factor by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Ex Factor

ok around brother...ha...ha Def Jam...Def Squad Frank Rock in tha house Yo, yo, yo, yo...Yo Look around brother We keep it hot...Dru Hill Def Squad from the top one time Hey mami you know that I like it when you call me papi But it seems like that yo...

3. Sometimes When We Touch by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Sometimes When We Touch

You ask me if I love you And I choke on my reply I'd rather hurt you honestly Than mislead you with a lie And who am I to judge you On what you say or do? I'm only just beginning to see the real you And sometimes when we touch The honesty's too much ...

4. Never Thought (That I Could Love) by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Never Thought (That I Could Love)

Can I touch you? I can't believe that you are real How did I ever find you? You are the dream that saved my life You are the reason I survived Baby... I never thought that I could love Someone as much as I love you I know it's crazy but it's true I n...

5. You Make Me Want To Be by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
You Make Me Want To Be

You make me want to be a father Trade my wandering path of freedom for your soul Oh, and all I once defied And locked so deep inside Is on a roller coaster riding out of control You make me want to be a teacher Teach that love is all there is and sti...

6. Welcome by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

Welcome baby boy To a brand new world May the tears fall like a rainstorm From your eyes Looks like life kinda took you By surprise You're so tiny that it scares me Your nakedness just stares at me And I never thought my head Could spin so high Welco...

7. Looking Back by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Looking Back

Looking back at public school Reading playboy magazine Insisting that the articles Were the only things we'd read Thinking then that love was meant to Conquer And if a girl said she liked you Then you'd bonk her Don't try to lay that mush on me Looki...

8. Fountain by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

Woman please don't try Explaining how or why - I understand Love's too beautiful to explain And nothing can be wrong With loving him again He really loves you I can see him in your eyes And like a fountain You offer no disguise And babe, I'm glad you...

9. Seed Of Music by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Seed Of Music

[Chorus:] The seed of music within me Has bloomed into a flower And though it claims to set me free I'm lost within it's power Lord don't let this crazy world Make a jukebox out of me Let the songs keep flowing Strong and naturally The gift of music ...

10. Growing Up by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Growing Up

Ma cried like a lady Pa cried like a man 1963 - one less kennedy And I was too young to understand And the years flew by in colours Each one a little faster than before And as the war caused some to cry I'd identify My tv keeping score Growing up - i...

11. Nobody's Right by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Nobody's Right

The boy left for new york He left the woods and trees behind And no one knows just what's on his mind He says he's lost - he'll pay any cost Just to find out where he belongs But the girl left for the country She left those blaring lights behind And ...

12. Sour Whiskey by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Sour Whiskey

Hand me down another whiskey sour I'm a willing victim to it's spell And I just can't rebel I'm far too thirsty and too tired Hold me like you'd hold a broken soldier Who's forgotten the meaning of war Please don't' close that door I'm about as pure ...

13. You Say You're Free by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
You Say You're Free

You say you're free Well your freedom's killing me And I feel just like a statue To be admired from a distance My love collides with your resistance Then bounces back inside of me You say you're strong Well your strength just shatters me As I scrambl...

14. I Dreamt I Saw Your Face Last Night by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
I Dreamt I Saw Your Face Last Night

As I gaze into the sky There's a shooting star that's falling As it dwindles into floating dust My name I hear it calling Oh god I'd love to be free But there's something wrong, you see I can't make it Just with me I'm lonely... Well I dreamt I saw y...

15. People by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

Now there are people That fall - into my life Each one can change my world So slightly And everyone so different Yet so much the same Each and everyone so deep Inside me [Chorus:] I love I hate I live I die For every single day That passes me by But ...

16. Hold On by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
Hold On

So you flung your fist high in the air But the world remained the same And all the demonstrations Filtered out through graduation And the times that were a changing Never changed Freedom takes on new meaning When you have a family of five And peace a...

17. Proposal by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

Take it if you will Take it if you can - Or refuse it - I will understand It's just some flowers My family just moved in around the corner Will you be my friend I touched her on the shoulder She was fourteen I was barely older Take it if you will Tak...

18. I've Been Alone by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
I've Been Alone

And I've been along - most of my life I guess it hurt me But never have I felt so less alone I beg you darling Don't desert me And some believe in love And some believe it's misplaced feelings And me - I always change my mind So many words have lost ...

19. City Madness by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown
City Madness

Wake up to the madness of the city Say hello it's a brand new day Brush my teeth read the paper Everything is changing so fast it stays the same Cars attack the city street City sidewalk - city heat People push and people fly No one laughs and no one...

20. Rain by dan hill

  • Published: Unknown

And the rain keeps falling From the clouds in your eyes As we try to hang on To the time that's passed us by And the deeper our love The harder we cry. You and I both slaves To some far away dreams That binds us as one Then divide us it seems That th...