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1. Cold Winter Sun by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Cold Winter Sun

mind all the coldest steel Our beloved at the mercy of a heartless horde Tear the cause out, let the cowards reel Bring the demon to the teeth and lacerate the cord We give way to sorrow When the self is all we build And wake up tomorrow In the blood...

2. Dead Flowers by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Dead Flowers

I feel Ashamed, With Abandon in my Heart and on my Face... I've suffered the Blame, I would show to you this way but I'm too late... When the Sorrow it breaks them, I will replace them For You. Dead Flowers for the Torn Apart. Laid at the grave to he...

3. Descending Upon Us by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Descending Upon Us

This is our call: To see these idols fall Drag them out into the light Let fate devour whole This is your fault You fool of faith untrue That we should face the grave with such a blackened view. Oh, (this pain is true) we see the damage done in the e...

4. LifeWar by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown

Born from the fire clean, crawling through the dirt like war 5 years, my mother gave a voice for war 10, I was dead, born again with eyes for war By 15, hate was the name of my war Wash me in the river Give me to the pain of LifeWar LifeWar 20 years ...

5. Collapsing by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown

I, I see the weight of hollow death residing in you Take now your final breath Exhale the truth I see the fear of nothing left Dead fragments of youth You hold it in yourself I feel it too I mourn your blindness I die along And swallow darkness In mi...

6. This Is The Line by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
This Is The Line

Fire surround, in cleansing repose Letting the filth, like venom it flows Scar, the mark, remind us the pain Breaking the bones that will reach out again And now we will rise to conquer them all Many will challenge, many will fall Bring us your vile,...

7. Driving Nails by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Driving Nails

I was the light I was the quiet heart I was the place we used to dwell. And when the cold would tear your life apart, I was the warmth that you had felt What have I become? Thoughts like shadows swelling through my mind. What have I become? Something...

8. The World Is A Thorn by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
The World Is A Thorn

The gavel has fallen, along with the rest. Are we expected to settle for this? Bring us the plague, lead us away. Blacken tomorrow with ash of today. Can't you see the fabric of our standards wearing thin? See your world in its grave at the hands of ...

9. Tie This Around Your Neck by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Tie This Around Your Neck

This is the age of the dead. The generation of pagan and self-led. You can feel the bones shatter beneath our feet. The blood of lust staining our teeth. We feed on pain (pain), disorder (disorder), delusion (delusion). The filth of the modern plague...

10. Just Breathe by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Just Breathe

So now you try, but the blade is primed to just cut you down again. To no avail, this fix divine was wrought to do you in Seemingly endless, beckoning debt Vacant and nameless, where is the end? Aching just to endure again sweet loss Able again to fe...

11. Shallow Water by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Shallow Water

Remeber the threat from which it was said: "You will reap every seed that you sow." And the tomb where you lay is the bed that you made Be still in the pain that you wrote. See now, every scar is a choice you make Every choice is a vow you take Take ...

12. Feel As Though You Could by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Feel As Though You Could

Rebellion Oh, cheap thrill sand vacant youth Carry out your own will Shovel deep and bury truth Social stain, punk wreck, mother's own defect Sing that song you know so well Sing it one foot in Hell Eyes wide black Turn your back Oh, how the foolish ...

13. Blood In The Tears by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Blood In The Tears

Don't come on quietly when you draw near Don't go on lightly Don't leave me here I wither quickly in winter's cold, but carry onward like I was told. And I wait for a sign Like blood in the tears of all my enemies (So they will see) Knowing the pain ...

14. The Flame That Guides Us Home by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
The Flame That Guides Us Home

Sing now seraph, find the calm within your soul Bring us closer to the flame that guides us home...

15. Not I by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Not I

So now you're suffering the fallacy of what you said When you uncover the depression from where you've tread Breathe over the glass you wrote on Swallow all that you waste your throat on You wear the mark and wave the banner they made with sin Reveal...

16. Undying by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown

Ever since the day that I was made I've been deciding the end And I was made of wood and stone and won't diminish or bend So when the heavy hand of death is here to take me away I'll be the solid grip of time, forever holding my stay Nobody ever made...

17. Relentless Intolerance by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Relentless Intolerance

These eyes, they will gaze and reflect And gauge every thought I reject No sway of stance in changing times Just a narrow mind commanding respect We stand on the words of the wise And languish every call to despise We know the hollow wound of their l...

18. Deteriorate by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown

Time has had it's way with me. My broken tired hands cant build a thing. The wires that have held me still embedded now in flesh to find my will. The idle of my days is won, the empty I have fed has made me numb, Despite what you will find in me. The...

19. The Soldier's Song by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
The Soldier's Song

Through the clouds of fallen ash, A lonely mother's cry Among the fields of broken glass The loyal few will arise Faith now regained Finding strength within the void, A raging fire ignites A spark of ever-burning power And conviction to fight Pride b...

20. Fire To My Soul by demon hunter

  • Published: Unknown
Fire To My Soul

We flow with bitter words that file sharp our teeth And we bite off our own tongues We trample any trace of your divinity's hope And we sacrifice our young With our eyes sewn shut now the light can't shine Oh, we'll never wake from dead And when you ...