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1. Divorce Papers (Freestyle) by nick cannon

  • Published: Unknown
Divorce Papers (Freestyle)

Uhh, guess I got to talk about it Yea, alright Divorce papers, my lawyer said "don't say shit" Goldman gon' be mad, Nina gon' be heated They havin' private meetings saying "Nick is going crazy" He out here wearing turbans, next he tryna battle Jay Z H...

2. Freestyle For Toddla T by dave

  • Published: Unknown
Freestyle For Toddla T

in a batch But real talk, I won't forget I got here through rap So 'nough of that, how about we pause Jerk man and take off like a divorce, listen We pause, jerk man and take off like a divorce, listen Talking to God, I went through all of that pain...

3. Ransom Freestyle by king los

  • Published: Unknown
Ransom Freestyle

l niggas got no bitches, no bottles, no section And I ain't got no pity, no sorrow, no remorse I'm married to the mothafucking money no divorce She mourse she dripping, she wet, she cumming, she told her girlfriend she said "next time she coming" A l...