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1. Dokken Rules by aesop rock

  • Published: Unknown
Dokken Rules

is life was likely to be Nikes on the L-train Gnawin' on his dog toy, pocket full of deer blood The only thing that's stoppin' him was Dokken in his ear buds [Aesop Rock:] Up around noon Found everything he loved crushed down to a cube The New Kowloo...

2. Crash 'N Burn by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Crash 'N Burn

[White, Dokken] I considered all the chances that were mine I believed they'd find solutions just in time I believed they had more answers than I'd heard The angels sing a different song Strangers all around us, "Trust in me " they say "We have got th...

3. 1000 Miles Away by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
1000 Miles Away

[Dokken, Norum] Just like sand running through my hands We tried to hold love but it just slipped away Was I so wrong to keep you holding on Hoping someday tgat we wiykd fubd a make love stay [CHORUS:] There's nothing left to say As I send th...

4. When Some Nights by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
When Some Nights

[White, Norum, Dokken] Take me back, to a time I remember well It's a fact, when your near You know we could stop the world If I'm wrong, then alright You know it doesn't matter now In my heart, you are mine You know we're gonna make it somehow Say it...

5. Forever by dokken

  • Published: Unknown

[Dokken, Davis] Searching for answers I found one Looking for roses But the season is gone I see the eyes of a stranger I don't know you anymore I know my heart is in danger Lost in you just like before Searching for reasons One more time As we turn b...

6. Living A Lie by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Living A Lie

[Norum, Dokken] Does it seem that we're going nowhere again Can it be that love has passed us by the way Can't say that we played the game so well Are we to a point where time stands still Nothing can save us now If you only want to believe in fairy t...

7. When Love Finds A Fool by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
When Love Finds A Fool

[Dokken, Hughes] I could've told you All these tears, what good to they do All these years my life's been living It's a shame you've not been giving So tell me what to do And I'll be there for you, only for you [CHORUS:] When love finds a fool like me...

8. Give It Up by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Give It Up

[Dokken, White] In one man's mind, we could have anything In one man's life, we could lose everything Look to the sky to what the future would bring to me 'Cause when it's all said and done Who's gonna put away the gun So give it up Stop all you fight...

9. Mirror Mirror by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Mirror Mirror

[Dokken, White, Spiro] Look inside my eyes You can see everywhere I've been You can drag me down, I'll come right back again. You gotta hold on to every little thing Every little bag of bones When the love's gone you shoot from the hip You make or bre...

10. Stay by dokken

  • Published: Unknown

[Dokken, Brown] Girl, when I think of you, you know it makes me sad And I wonder, wonder about what we had Say we're over baby T That we're through Can't believe it say that it's not true Please believe me when I say I do I'm still loving you,loving y...

11. Down In Flames by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Down In Flames

[Dokken, White] It's my heart feeling heavy Down about the way that you treat me Is your love still on fire Show that your touch has desire If I give you all I need Would you still be there for me I don't think, no, no I can't wait any longer ...

12. The Hunger by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
The Hunger

[Dokken, White] What's wrong with you may be right for me Don't need to feel your sympathy, no In the dark I feel at home I need the night to make my feelings known Alright like lone wolf, can't you see Living in false realities Do you know just how I...

13. Back In The Streets by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Back In The Streets

When I wake in the morning I'm on the telephone And I try to talk to ya They say you're not home Way back in the background I hear you callin' my name You say you don't wanna talk to me You've had enough of me Now I'm back in the streets I've got not...

14. Felony by dokken

  • Published: Unknown

Felony What you do to me It's just like murder In the first degree You're killing my heart It's a felony Felony In tight blue jeans I did know She was so sweet You're killing my heart It's a felony I've been shot down By a heart so cruel You're laugh...

15. Day After Day by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Day After Day

Day after day You always break my heart I can't take no more From you So I'll go far away Won't see me no more I'll just realize You're not the one for me You don't care for me But I can't stop caring for you You don't love me Tell me what I'm suppos...

16. We're Going Wrong by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
We're Going Wrong

Oh yeah listen to me Baby you've changed You don't see it I don't understand When I'm with you girl Somethings going on I can't explain this But baby I've never changed So it must be you Baby I've never changed So it must be you, yeah Must be you We'...

17. Liar (Live) by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Liar (Live)

Liar Deceiver Mistreater You, you are the one I wanna know Oh, I gotta go I gotta get away from here 'Cause you, you're not the one I realize Oh, when will I know Waiting for the last show When you tell me lies It's in your eyes You're a liar You are...

18. Prisoner (Live) by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Prisoner (Live)

Well I am a prisoner Prisoner of your heart You are my conquerer Conquerer of my love Well I fought so hard You had fought for my life But you threw it away (yeah, you did) You know, just like that So now I'm a prisoner Prisoner of your heart You are...

19. Breaking The Chains by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Breaking The Chains

Sit there thinkin' In your room You feel the pressure You're goin' crazy too The walls around you Closin' in You need a change Claustrophobic Feelin' scared You need somebody But no one seems to care A one way ticket A change of pace You've had enoug...

20. In The Middle by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
In The Middle

I talk with you I think of her It always turns out the same I changed my mind Then I'm not sure Love's got me shackled in chains Win or lose We've lit the fuse I've lost control Then you explore my soul [Chorus:] In the middle Of love In the middle O...