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1. Gouda by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

ags just to put my weed in Oh, we gettin' chalupa Wrapped cheese in a rubber band and call it Gouda [Hook] [Interlude] Look out pimp! Ai-i-i-te! What it do! We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda) Bay business, so whatchu need? (Gouda) We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda) Ice ?, so whatchu ne...

2. Dem Boyz by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Dem Boyz

Can't shaime them boyz they game don't work They don't really want that dem boys come to ya Aim a bird over ya head them boys got gouda Don't fuck with dem boyz (don't fuck with dem boyz) Don't fuck with dem boyz (don't fuck with dem boyz) Don't fuc...

3. Earl by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

hipped up and draped You fuck niggas got me fucked up, nigga, I'm a shooter Think about the consequences, nigga, I got gouda And niggas with gouda will send a nigga, fuck a case 'Cause niggas with gouda will have your whole family erased But that ain...

4. Candy (Drippin' Like Water) by snoop dogg

  • Published: Unknown
Candy (Drippin' Like Water)

urs slippery at the lip (lip!) Beast up, suck up to none, don't be no sucker (sucker!) Be a block monster, be a reputable motherfucker (motherfucker!) (Ewwww!) Real mash with my Spanish (Spanish!) If ain't about no gouda, potna you can vanish (Ewwww!...

5. Wake It Up by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Wake It Up

ece, shawty you a dime Back that thang up, baby press rewind Imma Scorpio, Shawty whats your sign? I'm just tryna know you, hold a conversation Spoil you a lil', lightweight cupcakin' Spend a lil gouda, get your hair done up Imma show you how a tycoo...

6. Blown Away by tech n9ne

  • Published: Unknown
Blown Away

ouldn't wait to see Rakim rock But he never ever showed up He swole up cause he didn't wanna go up before us Man, What's wrong with these people? Think the world gotta kiss their asses 500 capacity but you wanna get 200 passes Thought it was about go...

7. The Ambassador by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
The Ambassador

s ya'll he be gasin... after all these years he still smilin... Dats wat people be sayin... it's somethin about him he got sum die hard fans... (dedicated)... real walkie... people really care about him... local boy made good... ex d-boy... made it o...

8. Alcoholism by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

igga I got to piss I stay with sip in my fist I drink like a fish Sometimes I be sober But most times I be blitzed I'm having my gouda My nigga all on her bitch We ball like we hoopers My nigga we hood rich We winning not losing My fella we got chips...

9. Hustle by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

'nother animal, I'ma whole 'nother beast I can never switch up, I come from the streets Papered up like a fax I'm rare like white running backs I'm getting my Gouda I'ma be the first hustler that set up shop on Jupiter I, I live and sleep on these s...

10. Bollywood Chick by swollen members

  • Published: Unknown
Bollywood Chick

ngs these fellas do for romance You can hate but you can't stop my swag [Chorus] [Verse 2] Hey Tecca Nina I gotta Bollywood dame ya Gotta have gouda moola queso gotta have change ta Get her to give you Poonana Nina gets brain cause my money game is i...

11. American Cheese by electric six

  • Published: Unknown
American Cheese

n American cheese Bringing everybody to their knees So have another slice of American cheese Well, I know it'd be better with Gouda or Cheddar Now there's fifty dead actresses lying in your wake So have another piece of chicken, have a piece of steak...

12. Whip It Up by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Whip It Up

the corner Hustling try'na make a living [E-40:] Whip it up (whip it up) whip-whip-whip it up [x4] [Verse 1: E-40] Uhh, Charlie Hustle gouda bubble Cop it, twist it, mix it double Yellow diamonds, yellow truck Office landing with the fud Pushing can...

13. Can't Stop The Boss by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Stop The Boss

can be a gift and a curse, uhh Hope for the best but expect the worst They'd rather see you in a hearse than see you come in first I'm gettin gouda my nigga, I'm havin paper my fella Man I get to it my nigga, man makin revenue hella I'm a tell you li...

14. Attention by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

hoe, or pay me no (attention) Got to pay me hoe, got to bring me back ma doe Got to pay me hoe (pay me), (pay-ay-ay me) got to bring me back ma doe You got to pay me, or pay me no (attention) See I'm a gouda collector, better respect me bitches Get ...

15. I Am Your by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
I Am Your

though (I am Your) [Chorus:] National d-boy, solo representer Hustle all summer, and grind all winter [x2] Never been a quitter, money motivator,real gouda getter Hustle all summer, and grind all winter [x2] [Verse 2:] My money is jumbo, your money ...

16. Stay Gone by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Stay Gone

moving baby I'm on the go I stay gone... stay gone I stay gone... stay gone I stay gone Stay gone [x3] I stay gone Stay gone [x3] [Verse 3: E-40] Uhh! I got gouda to get that's what I told my tendo I'll be gone till Decembo About a half a year Don't ...

17. Click About It by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
Click About It

, dahida, bahida, blow it Hey (hey), don't I look pretty Street smart, straight from the turf, still griddy Range Rover (uh), sittin on the brawn If you got enough gouda I can be yo baby ma Everything is just click about it, click about it, click abo...

18. Fried by e 40

  • Published: Unknown

t like her I'm a baller, a grinder, on ma way to da top a da climber, for real Cloud be, you can tell dat about ma meal I can wipe da sweat off ma face with a dollar bill On a major scale, gettin' gouda and havin' scrit [Tech N9ne:] Hot fizz grease, ...

19. My Shit Bang by e 40

  • Published: Unknown
My Shit Bang

ght, mean mugging like 'thug ya life' I be hustling all day and night, pushing all night and day Twisted and whippin yay, getting my gwopalay So you put my Gouda my pay, when I get in my way From da Bay to L.A. to the A this nigga connected Worldwide...

20. Problems by twista

  • Published: Unknown

n' to God Cause what I'm sprayin it's odd And I'm slayin this broad Tech Nina's layin his ride I'm insatiable when it comes to be makin this gouda I'm a sniper killa murderer look out I'm a shoota A dilema we takin out you beginners comin to my psych...