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1. Let's Take Them To War (Freestyle) by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
Let's Take Them To War (Freestyle)

Double pumping from the three point NBA line On that war page with that 24 gauge But when I double pump it I'm prime Chamberlain Every track on the record got a background message "We don't back down ever!" I'm putting the autobiographical book out ...

2. Freedom (Freestyle) by joe budden

  • Published: Unknown
Freedom (Freestyle)

Joe Budden:] Let's take a moment to stand and observe the Hell we live in No matter how high the fire it never melts the system Some can help but didn't, we fill up the jails and prisons You don't believe that's a business, only yourself you're kiddin' But now they killin' our people, it'...

3. 1Xtra Westwood Freestyle by skepta

  • Published: Unknown
1Xtra Westwood Freestyle

sure you die slow again And I'm finished, yo yo Like Arma said, it's nothing, leave them Bare skeng talk, I can't believe them The red and white R6 I'll leave them Ed Hardy glasses I can't see them So why you talking like you can't die? One bullet i...

4. Moment For Life Freestyle by king los

  • Published: Unknown
Moment For Life Freestyle

ut me now, tell them I used to be broke, Bad for your health with a raw flow, Niggas can't mention rap in my presence, Unless you're and elf in the North Pole, You don't get that, you so unprepared, Snap back flow, adjust to me being over your head, Damn! I've been stro...

5. Funk Flex Freestyle #017 by meek mill

  • Published: Unknown
Funk Flex Freestyle #017

been up all night chasing this cake to feed my momma and them Summertime you hear them sirens again They said that boy won't make it you hear them screams momma crying again We had to kill and get as violent as them, we tryna live My young bull she was supposed to go to the league Started popping on...

6. Freestyle On Flex by meek mill

  • Published: Unknown
Freestyle On Flex

one day I'm thinking, "Should I get to sleep some day?" 'Cause I've been up all night chasing this cake To feed my mama and them Summer-time, you hear them sirens again They said, "That boy won't make it." You hear them screams, Mama crying again We had to kill and get as violent as them,...

7. Control Freestyle by king los

  • Published: Unknown
Control Freestyle

I'm shitting on them, I'm vitalizing my bowels Like I took a vitamin, something vitalizing my bowels I'm the truth times two, I ain't inviting lies you should bow (Paow, paow, paow) I'm taking shots in the dark While taking shots of the dog I'm taking shots at you...

8. I'm Me (Freestyle) by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
I'm Me (Freestyle)

life's on that line The second that I'm provoked, I snap Into a point that ain't controllable Then it's either war, or another quotable Don't let me get a hold of you dudes I'll murder you on camera, get Kelly's lawyer and get a mole removed I probab...

9. Blow / Funk Flex Freestyle by pusha t

  • Published: Unknown
Blow / Funk Flex Freestyle

get it, get it? I need more drinks and less lights And that American Apparel girl in just tights She told the director she tryna get in a school He said "take them glasses off and get in the pool" It's been a while since I watched the tube Cause like...

10. I Got The Keys (Freestyle) by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
I Got The Keys (Freestyle)

you niggas, I'm steady waiting, I fed him bake You know that devil's food, them Betty Cakes And I got something for them crooked cops too, let him pray Turn his wedding day Freddie Gray Let that machete behead him, set him straight Let it devastate, ...

11. Hit Factory Freestyle by ll cool j

  • Published: Unknown
Hit Factory Freestyle

your boss Throw that nigga in the closet and turn the lights off Then sit you up on the copy machine Make copies of your kitten with my chin in between Then I take you to the window so the world can see Baby I'm down on my knees, let your world be fr...

12. #LitLife Freestyle by problem

  • Published: Unknown
#LitLife Freestyle

ype of fuck shit is that? Man I swear you niggas coochie Harty at you niggas hoochie Man, them bandanas don't fool me Save that thuggin' for your mama She the only one believe you Can't keep hidin' behind them lies Bruh, I see you when I see you I go...

13. Mike Tomlin (Black & Yellow Freestyle) by wale

  • Published: Unknown
Mike Tomlin (Black & Yellow Freestyle)

know what it is... [Wale:] It's no days off, you ain't doing shit Shout outs to them Taylors and them Jets fool It feel like Woodstock in a nigga dressing room Looking at my opposition like bust and move From where they take them old beats and turn ...

14. Freestyle by joe budden

  • Published: Unknown

it written don't you tell me that you spittin' I'm a say you bullshittin' and go suck a dick And get a hand gun and stand there and take this ass whippin' Yeah, I'm 41 but you ain't got to act dumb nigga I ain't got a problem killing 41 young niggas ...

15. Where Are They Now (80's Remix) by nas

  • Published: Unknown
Where Are They Now (80's Remix)

dirt, let's work [Verse 4: Kangol from UTFO (Nas) {Ladies Screaming Kangol's name}] {Go Kangol!!} Yeah what's up fam? My chick for twenty years tried to cut your man She tried to take the house, the kids, the pots and pans I'm on to project Plan B, ...

16. First Word (Freestyle) by eminem

  • Published: Unknown
First Word (Freestyle)

oken headphones, you head home, you sped home You get your head blown, rappers try to step, they speak in the dead tones So I ain't trying to hear them, give me another, word for your mother (Stretch Armstrong) Stretch Armstrong, my brother, coming w...

17. Beats Keep Callin' (Freestyle) by royce da 5 9

  • Published: Unknown
Beats Keep Callin' (Freestyle)

ur baby mama and them new salt bae [?] molotov through your restuarant window Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Nickel Nine, Ricky Grimes I'm silverster mind bender I spark fours, that'll arch floors That'll have whoever acting hardcore Doing parkour, I'm a dog Porter Brought the dog for, recording harsh thoug...

18. Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) by dmx

  • Published: Unknown
Who Shot Ya (Freestyle)

can't touch me Cuz I don't give a fuck G I'll get u touched B I got choice ripple my slug'll take apart a door And enuf crazy niggaz behind me to start a war So what u want nigga help me is about your best When I'm finished Red Cross couldn't clean u...

19. Heir To The Throne (Freestyle) by vic mensa

  • Published: Unknown
Heir To The Throne (Freestyle)

o live revolution, you acting off reaction Real niggas in my faction So if I need a burner squeeze, I don't pop it, I just pass it Let my shooter take that shot like John Paxson Please, don't blow me I'm sick, you don't wanna see me sneeze Wrestling ...

20. Swag City Bitch (Rack City Freestyle) by king los

  • Published: Unknown
Swag City Bitch (Rack City Freestyle)

one Stop son, sun won't let another one block em By summer's come, I'm the number one option Yup, here come another one Niggas better group up, mob up, gwap up, yeah niggas troop up Get your little jewelery together, shine your coupes up Pop your pills hit all your kush, pour your ju...