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1. Beecharmer by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

onna cry [Nellie McKay:] But I know you're mine When you're on the line [Cindy Lauper:] Is it something I said [Nellie McKay:] Would you let him walk away [Cindy Lauper:] Got it stuck in my head [Nellie McKay:] Don't you hear a word I say [Cindy Lauper:] Is it so...

2. We Had It Right by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
We Had It Right

Rumor was wrong We were right [Nellie Mckay:] Clutching your coat as we depart Oh oh oh, my heart You heard it wrong We were right Rumor had it wrong [Nellie Mckay & Kd Lang:] Rumor had it wrong And we had it right [Nellie Mckay:] We're talking about...

3. Identity Theft by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Identity Theft

fess 'Cause we're dealin' with identity theft (You need an occupation) I don't see why I got to (You need a boss to please) Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you're late Yakety yak, don't look whack, Nellie, you're a heart attack Murder, murder, on the w...

4. David by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

Look at you you're young Havin' so much fun Gonna be a star Blah blah blah And click there goes the phone I don't wanna know What my Horoscope's predicting Just pour me a drink Cuz I need a kick I don't wanna think I just wanna sip [chorus] David don...

5. Manhattan Avenue by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Manhattan Avenue

Send a breeze A pitbull's yelp A tender squeeze A cry for help Make it now And make it fast Such memories Can never last I long for the days Music and mayhem Mama's a smilin' friend In the scuzzy hue of the sunlight Manhattan avenue Lionel please Wat...

6. Sari by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't apologize so much That it's jive it's a crutch I just used when I'm judged Bein' fudged by a face I can't erase and can't see Cuz I misplaced a dossier or Monty Python CD Or somethin' stupid like that But jesus is th...

7. Ding Dong by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Ding Dong

My cat died and I quickly poured myself some gin Did she die from old age or was it for my sins God I loved her oh so much Miss her little kitty touch Does she miss me does she care Oh I miss her kitty stare Do you have a little time Would you like t...

8. Baby Watch Your Back by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Baby Watch Your Back

Baby watch your back Baby watch your back ... I watched you come and go and never noticed Like daily papers, faces, knick-knacks But now I've seen you And you are my focus Baby watch your back I went my days and nights Not knowing of you But now you ...

9. The Dog Song by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
The Dog Song

I'm just a walkin' my dog Singin' my song Strollin' along Yeah it's just me and my dog Catchin' some sun We can't go wrong My life was lonely and blue Yeah I was sad as a sailor I was an angry 'un too Then there was you Appeared, when I was entangled...

10. Waiter by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

Oh waiter bring me my check soon I have a hectic schedule I'm saddened by the news that we won I wonder what I'd say to the bomb Where are you now Where are you going Do you mind And do you care That you will die Do you despair And do you allow For w...

11. I Wanna Get Married by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
I Wanna Get Married

I wanna get married Yes, I need a spouse I want a nice Leave it to Beaverish Golden retriever and a little white house I wanna get married I need to cook meals I wanna pack you cute little lunches For my Brady bunches Then read Danielle Steele I wann...

12. Change The World by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Change The World

I wake up I am bored To my pictures I implore Should I go or stay What should I be today Make a leap Go to sleep Should I cry or should I weep Where should I go from here Am I hetero or queer Oh, self discovery What joy it is I need recovery Caffeina...

13. It's A Pose by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
It's A Pose

Jimmy, you know my love is true And Davy, you know I love only you And Mitchie, you give meaning to every day And Nathan, hold on I got somethin' to say Menfolk they need their women But women don't need their men Ladies can walk away grinnin' But gu...

14. Toto Dies by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Toto Dies

And when the dawn breaks through the drums start Beating the morning to the farm Your grimace widens and your lips part Sounding the silent alarm And when the bells explode they scatter Hitching a hand unto the breeze The grand bureaucracy grows fatt...

15. Won't U Please B Nice by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Won't U Please B Nice

If you would sit Oh so close to me That would be nice Like it's supposed to be If you don't I'll slit your throat So won't you please be nice If you would hug your arms right around me That would be snug Like it's supposed to be If we part I'll eat y...

16. Inner Peace by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Inner Peace

In high school it was cool to say You look funny You're a retard dummy A retarded dummy Yeah you suck out of luck You're no Playboy bunny Hee hee So you laugh, it's a gas They're right on the money They're just being funny, hysterically funny Yeah i'...

17. Suitcase Song by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Suitcase Song

When it says goodbye You don't hear it sigh Does that it mean That it's gone far far away Is this your day to Buy a paper Draw a mustache Make the mayor a giraffe Try and tempt fate Get pneumonia Recuperate with soy bologna [chorus] Can you hear the ...

18. Work Song by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown
Work Song

Deliver the paper deliver the porn Deliver the baker deliver the morn A quiverin' jibberin' shiverin' mass Of sunshine and good times that I have to pass On the way to my job on the way to my work On the way to that slobberin' hoverin' jerk Who's my ...

19. Clonie by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

My oh my walkin' by Who's the apple of my eye Why it's my very own Clonie Oh if I should stroll the 'hood Who knew I could look so good Just talkin' on the phone to Clonie We are pals It's cool 'cause we're not lonely Shallow gene pool There's nothin...

20. Respectable by nellie mckay

  • Published: Unknown

There's a rich boy But he doesn't spend He just drinks his Poland Spring He's a quick boy walkin' round the bend Or at home alone reading And he wants to do good And he wants to do right So he does what he should But he's got to subscribe To the rule...