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1. Young Prodigy by kodak black

  • Published: Unknown
Young Prodigy

you see me sippin' bubbly All the stripper hoes on me I ain't even gotta throw money I ain't even gotta throw money [Hook x2 - Kodak Black:] I'm a young prodigy Now my plate filet mignon No more collard greens Doctor told me, "eat my veggies" I'm sm...

2. Prodigy Lover by weezer

  • Published: Unknown
Prodigy Lover

Something is different, something has changed you brought me your letters, they’re not the same Prodigy lover, play the keyboards drowning that music from me uncomprehending, I’m stupefied cause I wrote the rule book, you can’t divide Over and over ch...

3. P by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown

sayin'? We just for havin' fun! Cause I make CD's shit? Nothin'! [Sample - Prodigy:] "Now here come the Mack-10!" [echoes] [Prodigy:] Feed the streets! Youkno'Imean? Let this niggas livin' all, son! [Sample - 50 Cent:] "Mack-11, Mack-11 time for some action!" [echoes] [Prodigy:] Ev'ybody ac...

4. Trials Of Love by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Trials Of Love

go down like this... [Prodigy:] Yo, have you ever had a bitch that'll pop guns for you? [B.K.:] Type of nigga you'll do anything he ask to? [Prodigy:] Snake bitch turn around and backstab you? [B.K.:] Crab nigga found out he fucked around too? [Prodigy:] Threw he...

5. Y.B.E by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown

ack Entrepeneurs! [B.G.:] Get rich! - Get money! - Get paper! - Get paid! Keep yourself laced! - And get your ones! Get your Dunns out the slums! [Prodigy:] To the Young Black Entrepeneurs! [B.G.:] Get dollars! - Get cash! - Straight up don't get fucked! G...

6. What U Rep by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
What U Rep

[Prodigy:] Wha, what the fuck yo? Fuck yo? Is it real? Really?... Teach y'all niggaz how to rap yo Show y'all niggaz how to expose a sound [Noreaga:] Spit on these cats nigga, spit on these cats what, what? [Prodigy:] Fuckin dickblower... (thug like w...

7. Infamous Minded by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Infamous Minded

ah nigga, shit is real You know [Prodigy:] Infamous minded [Noyd:] Yo, this niggaz outhere We moving blindly dun, its all about survival though They don't know You the top dawg for the rest to follow [Prodigy:] Infamous minded [Noyd:] You know how we do it killer The Qb way, my way...

8. The Mac Is Back by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
The Mac Is Back

mples - Prodigy:] "I'm the 'Head Nigga In Charge'!" "The 'Head Nigga In Charge' and shit" "Mix with the A-L-C!" "Alchemist is Dutch Schultz, P is Bumpy Johnson!" "Bumpy Johnson and Dutch Schultz - we blowin' up hoods!" "It's the return of the Mack-11...

9. Return Of The Mac (Aka New York Shit) by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Return Of The Mac (Aka New York Shit)

[Prodigy (sample - 2Pac):] ("And all my niggas in the pen, here we go again Ain't nothin' separatin' us from a MAC-10") I got eleven MAC-11's, thirty-eight.38's Nine 9's, ten MAC-10's, this shit don't end ("And all my niggas in the pen, here we go aga...

10. Stuck On You by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Stuck On You

[Sample - Jeannie Reynolds:] "I'm Hooked, I'm hooked" "I'm stuck to you - just like glue" [Prodigy:] Alright, alright, uh-huh And I ain't neva let you go, let you go What time is it?, dawgs sit righ here Put the kids to bed - tell y'all story And I ai...

11. A,B,C's by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown

on the ground dying in hell Fo'real! [Prodigy and kids:] A B C D E F G H I J K L M O P P P P P P P And numero uno P There's no other Kids tell 'em who I be A B C D E F G H I J K L M O P P P P P P P The one and only H.N.I.C. who holding NYC huh? [Prod...

12. Stronger by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown

mple Nina Simone "Four Women" (Prodigy):] Strong enough to take the pain (Uh-huh) Inflicted a-gain (and again and again and again), and a-gain What do they call me? ([?] my name bitch) My name, is Str-Strong (uh-huh) Strong (yeah, ayo) [Prodigy (Nina...

13. Bear Meat by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Bear Meat

ly mad because he want to be like the real H-A-V-O-C, Prodigy, Mobb Deep, retweet that Pussy, you sweet like bear meat I expire these liars, move on me, get killed Dude only mad because he want to be like the real H-A-V-O-C, Prodigy, Mobb Deep, retwe...

14. Get Back by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Get Back

[Prodigy:] Know sometimes you just got to show niggaz how you do things That shit hurt....time will tell like my nigga Iller G always said I love all my niggaz, I swear cross my heart hope to die (alright) Hear me out, put a bullet in your mind Yo thu...

15. Delt W/ The Bullshit by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Delt W/ The Bullshit

[Prodigy:] Dunn it's real like that [Havoc:] Uh huh yeah Uh huh yeah (uh huh) Yeah, ha (solo on that ass [?] dealt with the bullshit) Check me out dunn (yeah) Check me out now (out yo) Yo Feel me on the road, feel me at the shows Feel me for what I st...

16. Gun Play by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Gun Play

[Prodigy:] Yeah, kill 'em, how we do it dun Get your gunz nigga, we killing 'em Getting real up in here y'all What like, is like, is like, is like How we do it dun Murder muzik Big Noyd, Big P Get your gunz nigga [Noyd:] Yo, you know who we be The R-A...

17. Mac 10 Handles by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Mac 10 Handles

h on drugs - all alone with my hand on "Mac 10 Handle" Schemin' on you niggaz [Prodigy:] Yea that's right; you know how we do it nigga, (Uh-huh) I sit up all night and plot on your head (Oh we comin') It's not a fuckin' game (We comin', we comin' nigga) ...

18. Co-Pilot by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown

[Prodigy:] They See me coming, They say here comes Big Time; Yeah, nigga, big money, big rhymes; Big ole thing in my pants for big body dimes; Between hate and love is a very thin line; (uhhh) They see me coming, they say here go big dog; Yeah, nigga,...

19. Death Sentence by prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Death Sentence

[Prodigy:] Morning of the day, evening of the killer kids City of the Gods, money stack pyramids Esoteric knowledge and I'm criminal minded A lady's wet dream and the devil's worst nightmare Cause so help me God I will exorcise demons see 'em scheming...

20. Diesel Power by the prodigy

  • Published: Unknown
Diesel Power

e that, winning like that Moving like that, hitting like that The melody is phat Yo, I'm on the energy source The cosmic boss with Prodigy Flipping astrology My intellect's devour With diesel power Blows your mind drastically, fantastically Blows you...