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1. Shake That Shit by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Shake That Shit

[Chorus - Ludacris & (Shawnna)] Maannn, these bitches is awfully nasty And these bitches keep walking past me Either way, I'm a pimp for today Put your bootie in the way and shake that shit! (Now these niggaz is bout they bank) (And these niggaz keep ...

2. R.P.M by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown

[Shawnna] Shawnna kick hot shit for bitches that got they baby daddies locked in the pen gone; fittin to rot cause he did wrong Run up on the cops and he hit 'em with the glock left his wig home Sellin rock on the big phone In the projects niggaz run ...

3. What Can I Do by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
What Can I Do

dat, y'all chicks betta sit back and relax Now listen up fa the feedback Me and Shawnna in da H2 Hummer gettin tan for the summer I caught real breezy, whack bitches y'all greedy And if ya don't write ya rhymes then easy Cause we don't believe that A...

4. Gettin' Some (Remix) by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Gettin' Some (Remix)

tin gettin some head...i was gettin some head...gettin gettin some head...i was with the kind of gurl that make ya toes pop [Shawnna:] Remix! [Hook] [Shawnna:] Check it..cuz i love that hood a couple of sips...and im off the rip ready fo...

5. Let's Go by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Let's Go

[Intro] Ah! Oh! Yeah! Shawnna! Oooohhhh! Just blaaaze! [Chorus] What'chu tricking pal When I roll with a ball in light (come on!) So you heard of my superstar..? You wanna.. Call 'em like.. I! Let's go.. [Verse 1] Ya'll knew who to break When I put up...

6. Take It Slow by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Take It Slow

I'ma Take It Slow (Oh Oh) If It Get To Fast I'ma Take It Slow Take It Slow (Yeeeah) If It Get To Fast I'ma Get To Fast [Verse 1: Shawnna] Look I Got Da Feelin U Been Fienin My Body I See Its Leavin Da Party Now Tell Me Wat You Gonna Do Somebody Told...

7. He Said, She Said by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
He Said, She Said

[Intro:] (Yea) We gon' take this shit down south Brand new Ludacris... Shawnna Shout out to the hole DTP (Haha) [Chorus:] He said he like it when it's wet She said she like it when it's hard He said he like it when it's good She said she like it when ...

8. Weight A Minute by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Weight A Minute

[breathing] Shawnna, TrackBoyz, Def Jam [verse 1] You know I keep it Dickie down get it to my toe And when you see me reachin fa that itchy hit da flo' It me and all my girls and they got us at the door That queen kickin in do this nigga really know W...

9. Gettin' Some by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Gettin' Some

like you ain't know now tell your hoe to pass the blunt You bitches wanna be me 'cause you know that I'm the shit You see me on the TV 'cause I roll with Ludacris Don't hate Shawnna baby just be mad at who you with (who you with) I keep a couple hand...

10. Dude (Remix) by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Dude (Remix)

d it so deep So right now I'm di man she definetly wanna keep Har ex bwoyfriend use to come and drop asleep Dat's why when mi pager start beep she seh Beenie..... [Chorus] [Verse 3: Shawnna] You know I'm use to sippin that Grey Goose And pushin the g...

11. Posted (Remix) by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Posted (Remix)

[Shawnna talking] Posted... aah... mo'fucca... Posted... ah-ah... mo'fucca... Posted... haah... mo'fucca... Posted... c'mon... yo... [Verse 1] I ain't dat bitch dat'll be in the club With niggaz actin' like itz sweet in the club I'll bust a mo'fucca m...

12. Damn by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown

[Intro:] Ohhhhhhhhh! That's right. Your girl Shawnna checkin in with ya DTP in the building Hustle what up! Check this out ya'll It's gone go down like this Listen up. Let's go. [Hook:] Damn damn she got a donkey And that shit so chunky How she get th...

13. Super Freak by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Super Freak

[Intro] See... I wanna get next to you, freak ya body Sexy baby, ooh wee, aah My super freak I wanna get next to you, freak ya body Sexy baby, ooh wee, aah [Verse 1] I ain't even like them other types I'm like a thug nigga but I don't fuck with dykes...

14. My Chicago (Part 1) by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
My Chicago (Part 1)

...I be that bitch in that all black tinted out el dorado, ain't nobody fuckin' wit me, it's my chicago, when you see me in the club mean-mug your bottle, that's that remy to your face kid gully soprano, ain't nobody fuckin' with the weed like I do, ...

15. Money Mike (Skit) by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Money Mike (Skit)

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Cat Williams, a.k.a Money Mike. I have some very bad news, Disturbin' tha Peace will no longer be called Disturbin' tha Peace. It'll be called Scarin' tha shit outta you Bullshit Rappers. Ladies and Gentlemen......

16. Kick This One by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Kick This One

[Intro] Now kick this one here for me and my city [Verse 1] Now I was rocking this party in the hundreds wilding You know where them killaz get right and rock a party From Friday to Saturday night Fifth of remy I'm scum and still hold the mic I tried...

17. Nappy Boy by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Nappy Boy

[Verse 1] I'ma bout to tell you what the deal my nigga Hit the blunt and tell me how you feel my nigga Nappy Boy Truth cause you see it in the booth we a bunch of whole trill ass real ass nigga's Well when ya'll was blowin on the kill ass nigga's Hea...

18. Can't Break Me by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Break Me

Hey There Hey How Are You Muah Everything Cool I Don't Know, I'm Trying To See If You Gon Like It I'm Gon Love It Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey... Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo [Verse 1:] My Daddy Told Me This Industry Ain't What You Think It Is And Everyday You Will B...

19. Ghetto Fairy Tails by shawnna

  • Published: Unknown
Ghetto Fairy Tails

[Whisperin: x4] These are my ghetto fairytales... These are my ghetto fairytales Sit back and just listen to what I'm spittin' cause I'm cold I'm straight reminiscing on all my niggas dead and gone See when I was young I was just so dumb and didn't k...

20. Ballers by gucci mane

  • Published: Unknown

[Verse 1: Shawnna] Shawnna got a 'lac sittin' on tres Shawnna don't need no nigga I'm paid Shawnna got stacks Shawnna got grip Shawnna got that so you better not slip I'm posted on tha block My girls tippin' dro This cafe patron got me sippin real slo...