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1. Sky Mad At Me by big krit

  • Published: Unknown
Sky Mad At Me

blew smoke in the air (I think the sky mad at me) Because I know It ain't the limit And outer space is where I'm going when I'm finished (I think the sky mad at me) Cause I don't tell it that it's lovely I think it put the storm clouds above me (I t...

2. Get At Me by wu tang clan

  • Published: Unknown
Get At Me

radio, nigga) Two On Da Road Uh, Two On Da Road [Chorus x2: Sandman - singing] When you see me at the party homey get at me And don't be mad when your girl try and spit at me Cuz when the beat got doo-doo-doo-doo-doo It ain't no limit to the things t...

3. F.I.V.E by the game

  • Published: Unknown

delines I dream to get the cover of High Times Now take 5 paces And try to guess the color of my shoelaces, red, bitch Yeah, I’m on my high horse Now the sky mad at me cause I stole five stars Got some freaks in the living room gettin’ it on And they...

4. Save Me by derek minor

  • Published: Unknown
Save Me

s Tired of feelin' I'm failin' at everything Cause sometimes it feel like You take away everything It feel like You've gotta be mad at me Are You mad at me? Do You hate me? Are these tribulations just to break me? Man, this can't be the reason You ma...

5. Sing About Me by angel haze

  • Published: Unknown
Sing About Me

t All of this shit don't end I lost so much just to win And that how it goes? Lord knows, I got holes in my soul But I would do it all again So what are people mad at me for? Is it cause they can't jock my free flow? Is it cause they know no matter h...

6. All I Know by b o b

  • Published: Unknown
All I Know

know Ooooh, all I know, all I know, all I know [Verse 1:] Cause I was raised in the D-E-C A/aye I'm from Decatur Where we get high and ride in sky scrapers Get money now and ride or die later Get shot and robbed by your own neighbor When the cops rid...

7. I Don't Wanna Be by lmfao

  • Published: Unknown
I Don't Wanna Be

summer love Then it got serious She moved back to her momma's And got delirious She went back with her ex Kept me a secret Then gets mad at me When I go to the club and freak it I don't know baby girl What you talkin' 'bout I'm dancing with her bud Y...

8. I Got This by jennifer hudson

  • Published: Unknown
I Got This

[Verse 2] So many tried to break me When I got up and knocked me down Didn't keep me from moving I flip the world upside down They said the sky was the limit I put my footprint all in it Cause I've been there I'm looking down at the moon And if you f...

9. I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me by brotha lynch hung

  • Published: Unknown
I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me

[Brotha Lynch Hung:] This song right here, I made this song to... eh Really say what's on my mind so I hope... ah Nobody gets mad at me for saying what's on my mind That's what I'm known for, you know what I mean? Saying what's really on my mind Yeah!...

10. Let Me Live by trae

  • Published: Unknown
Let Me Live

s never satisfied, fucking with Trae Everywhere that I go, these haters wanna put me away But that's gon' be a hell of a job I'm a mad dude, that's indignant by nature Whether Trae or Frasier, don't come at me wrong Cause I'll blaze you Fraud is what...

11. The I by krs one

  • Published: Unknown
The I

hop since birth His main objective, is to put hip-hop in perspective Show pity, and DESTROY these wack cities [Chorus] [Mad Lion] Inna style dem a [?], yo alla dem a cry Dey worship slackness and to be under sky We lead dem to de water but we cyan't ...

12. What'chu Lookin' At by uncle kracker

  • Published: Unknown
What'chu Lookin' At

Denver was die That's all I ever did in New York was die That's all I ever did in L.A. was die So put em' up, put em' up to the sky And wave goodbye to Miss American Pie Cuz you been tellin' lies, you took it all and abused it Whatever happened to th...

13. Still I Rise by 2pac

  • Published: Unknown
Still I Rise

o pick up Half of you niggas is softer than a Snicker Let's go to war and see who draw quicker And still I rise, and still I rise… [Ta'He] Still I (still I), I rise (I rise), please, give me to the sky (to the sky) And if (and if), I die (I die), I d...

14. Fall Out The Sky by xv

  • Published: Unknown
Fall Out The Sky

gh and then I fall right out the sky And then I fall right out the sky, I know sometimes I feel so high And then I fall right out the sky and then I fall right out the sky I know sometimes I feel so high and then I fall right out the sky And then I fall right out the sky [Verse 3: XV...

15. Alright With Me by wretch 32

  • Published: Unknown
Alright With Me

them Seems I always end up misunderstood No matter my intention All they gotta say is I'm up to no good I ain't even mad Why would I be mad? It's all alright It's all alright with me [Verse 1: Wretch 32] The kids don't wanna turn down They with a bad...

16. To The Sky by problem

  • Published: Unknown
To The Sky

ger is high If you getting money but your middle finger is high to the sky To the sky, to the sky, to the sky [Verse 1:] I'm on the pace to riches, they try to stop me, Glock me They get mad when I pull up fresh They mention my name when they say who...

17. Bass Rattle Stars Out the Sky by death grips

  • Published: Unknown
Bass Rattle Stars Out the Sky

sky Never not at war torn mystic sheddin bands form of linguistic Subliminal exit lurk in cryptic black google search it won't find shit Fifth attitude bury all my business Bury two thumb disappear three eye run among you Bass rattle stars out the sky...

18. What Do You Do With The Mad You Feel by bones

  • Published: Unknown
What Do You Do With The Mad You Feel

the fucking gang bitch All they do is lane switch Complain and they bitch Shit you don't get it that's a world you ain't in Mad that I'm not starving at night Bulb burnt out in every motherfucking light Finally taking care of our motherfucking life ...

19. We're All Mad by natasha bedingfield

  • Published: Unknown
We're All Mad

ll mad in our own way Fill the sky with different shades Read the story on each page Each reveals the meaning We're all mad in our own way Colours fade the grey away Different people all the same Each reveals the meaning We're all mad in our own way Fill the ...

20. Maddest Hatter by dokken

  • Published: Unknown
Maddest Hatter

e ordinary life When the sky is dark I feel like it's light I want the ordinary life I must confess / I'm the Maddest Hatter Of them all I want the ordinary I wanna be with my friend Mary I want the ordinary life When the sky is dark I feel like it's...